I’m guessing this will get your attention

I am in the process of training to become a middle and high school girl’s basketball referee. And no you can’t watch me practice blowing the whistle and making calls in our bathroom mirror (the trainer recommended it). After decades of seeing the flow of the game as a fan, player and coach I am now seeing it with new eyes.

I have to retrain myself to not follow the ball but keep my eyes focused on specified areas of the court and the players therein. While it is easy to default to my former experience I need to adjust my thinking and action to help the game flow and do my new job well.

Similarly in life we all have habits and patterns that guide our decisions and actions. Sometimes we need to build on our past strengths, at others we need to change focus and redirect our energies. Through Life Coaching I hope to help people see with new eyes and develop strategies to live more fully.

Through a personalized Life Coaching process of conversation, questions, reflection and related projects I can help individuals evaluate their life, gain a new sense of vision and begin forward movement.

I am in the process of doing my best to make the adjustments to become a good referee. Let me know if you’d like to connect to explore the Life Coaching process help make the best moves for your life now and into the future: //jimschmotzer.com/services/life-coaching

Jim helped me become “fully myself”

It is an honor and privilege to help others walk through a process of self discovery and living into the fullness of their potential. Sharing some of this journey with Breeze Potts has been a great joy. She shares some of her insights below:

I am a counselor. I haven’t always been a counselor. At one point in my life, I was a college dropout with no clear direction or plan. This is when I met Jim.

I am a counselor in part because of Jim’s encouragement and investment in my life. He helped me uncover who I am and discover where I was headed. This included walking alongside me and helping me discover my gifts, passions and work style. This occurred through personal conversations, his mentoring; referring me to a therapist, suggesting books to read and through a personal development curriculum that he led me through. His introduction to introspection through understanding temperament, personality traits and style of relating has helped me better understand others and myself. Jim’s dedication to helping me become more “fully myself” nurtured me to be able to more honestly evaluate who I have been and who I am becoming and enter graduate school. 

Jim’s support, friendship and leadership have been a significant part of my self-discovery process.  I know I am not the only one who has been impacted by his leadership. I continue to discover new things about myself but it is no longer terrifying. I am grateful for new insight and for Jim’s encouragement to open myself up to exploration and possibility. This is one of the things I love most about being a counselor. I get to invite others into a similar place and process. I am now a counselor and an advocate for self-discovery. 

Breeze Potts, counselor, Bellingham, WA

Please contact me and we can explore ways to help your process of self-discovery and living a full life. https://jimschmotzer.com/services/life-coaching

I need your help!

There I said it. It is great being able to help others through my Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting business. My goal is to help individuals discover and live the best life possible as well as supporting organizations to be strengthened in varied areas. To make this happen I need to continue to build contacts and clients. To do this I need help and hopefully you can be one of those who help me along the way.

I hope the following makes it easy for you to actively support me in the coming days. Let me know if you have specific questions, and thanks for your help.

How can you help? I don’t expect anyone or everyone to do all of these things, but if you do a few things a few times a month it will be a big help. A good way to make general connections is through About Me http://about.me/jimschmotzer.

First, you can speak on my behalf. Through my website jimschmotzer.com you can be better aware of my strengths and focus. If you think of a person or organization I can help and mention my name and how to connect with me, you have helped. People act when someone they trust and respect gives them supportive ideas. You can make a difference.

Second, please read my JSA blog posts https://jimschmotzer.com/blog. I will generally post about twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday. This will help you better know what I am doing and how to communicate it to others. Commenting on or forwarding my blog posts would be a big help.

Third, connect with my Jim Schmotzer & Associates Facebook page. Follow this link https://www.facebook.com/JimSchmotzerAssociates and click the “Like” button. Then when you see post’s I have made it will help if you “Like,” “Share” or comment. I don’t expect anyone to support each post, but it will be most helpful if you support the posts that you see as of value to others in your circle of influence. Google+ is similar to Facebook, and I’m there as well.

Fourth, please connect with me on Twitter (if you Tweet). I’m @JimSchmotzer (https://twitter.com/jimschmotzer). With Twitter it will help if you Retweet my Tweets or send them to people you think will benefit form connecting with me.

Fifth, make the LinkedIn connection www.linkedin.com/in/jimschmotzer. As with Facebook you can “Like,” “Share” or comment on the posts.

Thanks for reading and I really appreciate any help you can give me along the way. Please let me know of ways I can help you as well.



…which greatly reduced my anxiety…

At a particularly stressful period in my life Jim offered me sage wisdom and practical help (including charts and web resources!), which greatly reduced my anxiety. Bringing a second set of eyes to look at a problem works best when those eyes are visionary, widely read, and have a global perspective. Jim’s eyes score high in each of these areas; I encourage everyone to invite Jim’s eyes to look over your life challenges and gain from his wise perspective.

      Erik Johnson (Mediator and Marriage and Family Therapist), Bellingham, WA

I’d like to help you reduce your anxiety as well. Please contact me so we get the process moving forward: https://jimschmotzer.com/services/life-coaching

The double bonus

This week I hit a double bonus: dental work and a general physical (“well check” seems to be the more current term). I can’t say I’m looking forward to either visit, but I know they are needed. The visit to the dentist is for action, to fix something, hopefully for the long term. The visit with my doctor is more to keep information up to date in hopes of continued health in the days ahead.

I understand that many procrastinate in both of these situations. Fear, schedule inconvenience, expense and forgetfulness are some common obstacles. Most of us know the risks and still have our habits of response. We know that by caring for ourselves in the present we increase the probability of a healthy future. Put off self-care and increase future problems.

Being proactive with our health care can help improve many aspects of our life directly and all of our life indirectly. In a similar way Coaching and Mentoring can meet many of our life needs in ways that have benefits in the current moment and for our future life and relationships.

Like my trip to the dentist this week, Coaching can help with situations that are in need of repair. Something may be out of balance and need attention. We can meet to review your current situation and map a strategy of response to enable the best ways to address the moment and to move toward a hoped for future.

Taking a cue from my appointment with the doctor there is value in check-ups, finding the baseline and setting goals for the future. Again, we can meet to address this possibility through Coaching and Mentoring. I can help you gain a sense of clarity of purpose and a hoped for future. Based on this work we can set a plan and coordinate resources that will help you move forward from strength.

When it comes to health care or life care we have a choice; we can be proactive and move toward the best or be reactive and take our chances. I’d like to help you make progress toward your best possible life. Let’s connect soon and explore the possibilities.


Want something more than a “normal” life? Check this out.

Following are some supportive words that demonstrate how I can help people move beyond “normal” to find their best life:

Having mentored me throughout my 20’s and 30’s Jim challenged me to not settle for “normal”. He encouraged me to think beyond the “supposed to’s” and to realize that success is sometimes found by climbing down the ladder of success. Most often Jim did not only speak to me of these things but rather modeled, challenged, debated and walked through life with me pointing out signposts of people and books illustrating these things.

He also taught me humble-strong leadership caring deeply for the people he leads, taking regular time to encourage and acknowledge their strengthens as well as speaking to their weaknesses and helping them grow in these.

Jim is authentic, knowledgeable (in so many areas), and intuitive. I have seen him concisely and clearly speak into many lives and situations. I am grateful for the years of his influence in my life.

      MJ Richards, Non-profit Administrator, Al Hociema, Morocco, North Africa

Let’s get together and explore the possibilities that await you through Life Coaching or Leadership Mentoring:



“Unscripted” the book for the transition from college to the great beyond

Book review

Unscripted: Engaging life After College

By Thomas Brown,

Parson’s Porch Books, 2012

“With so many of the young adults I have worked with it has required them letting go of the one script they had written for themselves…”

In Unscripted: Engaging life After College Tommy Brown gives a gift to those near the end of their college days, those still in transition post-college and those who care for and work with them. Building upon his experience as a campus minister Tommy offers insight that is both compassionate and challenging.

Tommy opens using the idea of life scripts and how culture has shifted, while many are still trying to live by, if not force, the old scripts to keep working. The book provides insight into the intersection of cultural shifts, personal relationships, faith and realities that must be considered in navigating the new waters (Tommy loves the river images) of the transition from student life to the great beyond.

The book is helpful without being overly prescriptive. He didn’t replace the old, often inflexible script with a new trendier version of the same thing. The book, also, presents challenges without being overwhelming.

Having spent much of my last two decades walking alongside many young adults I find Tommy’s words fitting and helpful. I highly recommend this book for students, recent grads, parents, educators and friends of young adults.

And, please feel free to contact me for help navigating your Unscripted life seasons and transitions.

Here’s a link to purchase the book: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/unscripted-thomas-brown/1112136799

And another link to the publisher: http://www.parsonsporch.com/

…it makes a difference…

The near twenty-year journey of our relationship as colleagues, brothers in Christ and as professionals is rich. Jim’s Spirit-filled character of authenticity and compassion is one that inspires, encourages, and enlightens relationships. Our paths professionally and personally have been graced with wisdom, humor, insight and focus. His friendship and guidance during my difficult transition was a soul-anchoring gift. I have observed and experienced his attentiveness to a person’s uniqueness and adapting conversations to meet each situation in a sensitive and compelling way. His commitment to help others towards a desired future does not go unnoticed. His insights in organizational effectiveness have helped me be a better leader. Jim will be an invaluable catalyst in helping individuals and organizations realize personal and corporate fulfillment and satisfaction.

      Greg Kanehen, Pastor & Police Chaplain, Marysville, WA


Testimonial all the way from Brussles

Sarah Spitzer sent me this message related to my helping her with a significant:

Several months ago, I found myself at a crossroads with two paths that would take my life in very different directions. I only had a couple of days to decide and was feeling stressed and unsure of what I should do. Contacting Jim was one of the best things I could have done.  His sincere heart for serving, thought provoking questions, keen ear, and wisdom helped give me clarity to make a confident decision. He assisted me in determining what was preventing me from making a decision. I was and continue to be grateful for Jim’s gift of counsel.

     Sarah Spitzer, Brussels (Belgium) American School, ESL/French Teacher

Please contact me for help with decision making, direction setting and other life coaching help.


Dana Little speaks to the value of mentoring and life coaching

For over a decade, it’s been a cinch to consider Jim Schmotzer as a mentor as I’ve navigated life, work, and my ongoing pursuit of music and art. Over the years, though my roles have been many (student, intern, receptionist, office manager, musician, songwriter and teacher), Jim has been a constant support and steady encourager through the seasons, changes, goal-setting and decision-making. Specifically, I have had the opportunity to be mentored by Jim as a musician in a band, a solo artist, and in my professional pursuits. In each case, and in every meeting with Jim, I gained new perspective, clear direction, and a hearty dose of hope. He has a way of shedding light on darkness, and a knack for making sense out of confusion. Without a doubt, his wisdom, coaching and patient way of encouraging movement forward has been a game-changer for me.

 Dana Little, Musician & Teacher, Seattle WA

To learn more about Dana and her music check out: http://www.danalittlemusic.com/