Helping organizations explore internships

Is your organization ready for interns? I’d like to help you explore this question.

For the purposes of this conversation interns will generally be defined as being in their young to mid-twenties and at or near the end of their schooling. Interns will participate in a short-term work/study arrangement for approximately 3 months to two years.

Following are some of the benefits organizations may find in offering internship programs:

  • Interns bring new energy, an excitement to learn and explore possibilities to the work setting.
  • Interns can ask questions that may have become forgotten in the daily processes, questions that can lead to problem solving or new opportunities.
  • Establishing an intern program can create or enhance a learning culture in an organization. This can support learning and growth throughout an organization.
  • Interns can bring a new sense of fun to a team.
  • Interns can help organizations better understand and connect with younger generations. Think social networking and technology.
  • Interns can be a great source of future employees. An added bonus is that the internship will give them time to learn the culture and job and you the opportunity to evaluate their “fit” for your needs.
  • Implementing an internship is a way to build toward the greater future. You are growing people for careers and life, whether or not they continue with your specific organization.

I have developed and implemented intern programs for a number of organizations over thirty plus years involving over 150 interns. In recent years I have helped with the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust Vision & Call Intern Program supporting internships throughout the greater Northwest region.

I would love to help you explore internships for your organization. Please contact me and we can start moving forward:

Next week: We will look at questions to help evaluate your organizations readiness for internships.

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