organizational consulting

  • Exploring & implementing internships
  • Understanding & working with diverse generations
  • Maximizing cultural trends & shifts
  • Development & fundraising
  • Strategic planning
  • Comprehensive program oversight
  • Trouble shooting & problem solving
  • Team building & staff development
  • Interim and/or temporary leadership staffing

How do we get started working together?

We can begin with an introductory session to get acquainted, assess your situation and explore a mutually beneficial working relationship (see form below).

Organizational consulting will generally consist of a mutually agreed upon project. A plan will be developed that meets the needs of the organization. The process can involve individual and team meetings as best fit the specific situation. The process can be adapted to meet your organizational needs.

Project fees can be billed hourly or a comprehensive rate may be negotiated.

Lets connect:

Complete and submit the following form to arrange your first meeting.

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