Support for the long-haul

Paul Peterson and I are part of a small circle of friends that has been together for many years. We meet regularly and have walked together through life’s transitions, surprises and challenges. Oh, and we make an annual pilgrimage to a Mariner’s game. This year we were at “the Safe” for the six pitcher no-hitter! The following is from Paul:

I think the best word to describe Jim is ‘coach’. I’ve been able to observe him in a variety of ministry settings over our 25-year friendship. In each of these roles, Jim has primarily worked to develop the gifts and abilities of those he’s working with. He is very genuine in his desire to mentor and grow others to their best potential. You and your organization will benefit from his ability to apply his experience to the ever-changing nature of business and ministry.

Paul Petersen, Senior Pastor Bellingham Covenant Church, Bellingham, WA

Left to right: Mark Warren, Paul Petersen, Me, Bill Palmer, Tom Beaumont, Erik Johnson, Bruce Becker, Randy Pries



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