I’m guessing this will get your attention

I am in the process of training to become a middle and high school girl’s basketball referee. And no you can’t watch me practice blowing the whistle and making calls in our bathroom mirror (the trainer recommended it). After decades of seeing the flow of the game as a fan, player and coach I am now seeing it with new eyes.

I have to retrain myself to not follow the ball but keep my eyes focused on specified areas of the court and the players therein. While it is easy to default to my former experience I need to adjust my thinking and action to help the game flow and do my new job well.

Similarly in life we all have habits and patterns that guide our decisions and actions. Sometimes we need to build on our past strengths, at others we need to change focus and redirect our energies. Through Life Coaching I hope to help people see with new eyes and develop strategies to live more fully.

Through a personalized Life Coaching process of conversation, questions, reflection and related projects I can help individuals evaluate their life, gain a new sense of vision and begin forward movement.

I am in the process of doing my best to make the adjustments to become a good referee. Let me know if you’d like to connect to explore the Life Coaching process help make the best moves for your life now and into the future: //jimschmotzer.com/services/life-coaching

2 thoughts on “I’m guessing this will get your attention”

  1. Will you post dates/times of games? Would pay money to come and watch you run up and down the court blowing the whistle and trying to look serious.

    Good for you. The range of interests that you are able to push into your life continues to amaze and impress me.


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