I need your help!

There I said it. It is great being able to help others through my Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting business. My goal is to help individuals discover and live the best life possible as well as supporting organizations to be strengthened in varied areas. To make this happen I need to continue to build contacts and clients. To do this I need help and hopefully you can be one of those who help me along the way.

I hope the following makes it easy for you to actively support me in the coming days. Let me know if you have specific questions, and thanks for your help.

How can you help? I don’t expect anyone or everyone to do all of these things, but if you do a few things a few times a month it will be a big help. A good way to make general connections is through About Me http://about.me/jimschmotzer.

First, you can speak on my behalf. Through my website jimschmotzer.com you can be better aware of my strengths and focus. If you think of a person or organization I can help and mention my name and how to connect with me, you have helped. People act when someone they trust and respect gives them supportive ideas. You can make a difference.

Second, please read my JSA blog posts https://jimschmotzer.com/blog. I will generally post about twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday. This will help you better know what I am doing and how to communicate it to others. Commenting on or forwarding my blog posts would be a big help.

Third, connect with my Jim Schmotzer & Associates Facebook page. Follow this link https://www.facebook.com/JimSchmotzerAssociates and click the “Like” button. Then when you see post’s I have made it will help if you “Like,” “Share” or comment. I don’t expect anyone to support each post, but it will be most helpful if you support the posts that you see as of value to others in your circle of influence. Google+ is similar to Facebook, and I’m there as well.

Fourth, please connect with me on Twitter (if you Tweet). I’m @JimSchmotzer (https://twitter.com/jimschmotzer). With Twitter it will help if you Retweet my Tweets or send them to people you think will benefit form connecting with me.

Fifth, make the LinkedIn connection www.linkedin.com/in/jimschmotzer. As with Facebook you can “Like,” “Share” or comment on the posts.

Thanks for reading and I really appreciate any help you can give me along the way. Please let me know of ways I can help you as well.



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