Catching up with Vince

Tuesday through Thursday I’ll be in Vancouver (WA) for the M. J. Murdock Christian Leadership Advance Conference. It’s an annual time of networking on overdrive, just my kind of gathering. One of the people I’m looking forward to connecting with this year is Vince Burens. Vince is making the trip west from Pittsburgh. He is VP and COO of the CCO (I love all those letters). I met Vince in the 90’s at an Ivy Jungle Conference. Over the years we have shared a supportive friendship as we continued to work with and support collegiate ministry. Our times together always bring a combination of sports talk, laughing, listening and creative visioning. Here are some kind and supportive words from Vince:

I have known Jim for almost a decade. From the genesis of our relationship, he has been focused on helping me maximize my potential. Pragmatic, creative, and honest, Jim conducts himself with Spirit-led excellence. Jim truly wants his expertise and tools to benefit a person or organization so that they are as successful as they can be. I have always found him to be an exceptional listener and very wise on a broad range of topics. I would strongly recommend Jim to anyone trying to ‘figure it out’ in internships, leadership, mentoring, campus ministry, camping, and in variety of other areas.

     Vincent Burens, Executive Vice President/COO, Coalition for Christian Outreach, Pittsburgh PA

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