Reasons not to start (or continue) an intern program

Here’s my best attempt to undermine my need for new clients. As much as I’d like to help your organization start an intern program this post is focused on reasons not to host interns.

  • We need somebody (somebody cheap) to do our dirty work!
  • We need more staff and we need it for less dollars!
  • We need to teach young people how to do it the “right way!”
  • We need to impress others!

Simply put interns are something uniquely other than another employee. They are in a part learning, part participating role. It is necessary to “get” this nuance to do internships well.

Interns will cost you and interns will be a benefit to your organization. My desire is to come alongside organizations and help them make a genuine, concerted effort to develop interns and internships a part of your greater organizational system and culture.

Please contact me to explore next steps together.



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