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How JobShift Helped me Survive

In 1996 my family faced multiple—nearly overwhelming—crises that included me leaving a long-term stable job in a ministry setting. No big deal, just the loss of job, church, friends, and a deep-rooted support system.

One challenge involved helping family members make it through each new day. Another was the added pressure of an employment search. Oh, and because of the depth of our stress, I committed to not moving. I feared moving for work might become a final tipping point. I hoped that somehow holding place would provide a bit of hope that everything hadn’t been lost, a possible place to build from going forward.

Rare was the day I had energy and excitement about the search process.

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“Best Books for Business” series coming this week

Don’t miss the “Best Books for Business” series this week at the High Calling. You might want to write and post your own piece.

Hello Seattle

Direction, decisions, transitions and more. I will be in the the Seattle area Thursday October 9 to help you explore possibilities and forward movement. Let me know if you are interested in meeting and beginning a better future.

Starting from strength

For many of us Fall has become a major start-up time. We try to squeeze all the “living” we can into the summer and then September hits. Goals, decisions, transitions, responsibilities and hopes are in the balance. Let’s connect for Life Coaching or Leadership Mentoring and I will help you make the most of this crucial transition time.

Life and Leadership implications of World Cup fever

I’m watching the game. You’re probably watching the game. I’m all in for USA. You probably are as well. Much has been written about the growth of soccer in America, how it is a youth movement and evidence of the globalization of the USA. I agree on both counts.

The growth in popularity of soccer can teach us that things are truly different. No longer will it be about juggling, tweaking or improving old American ways. It is now about doing new things in new ways. It is about substantive change. It is about transformation.

Through coaching, mentoring and organizational leadership consulting I can help you break old habits and grow into new ways of living, being and working. Contact me and we can start working together to get moving forward in new ways. Oh, and, Go USA!

Summer calls

While it is easy and common to think of summer as time off it can be dangerous. We all need down time, a break and time to re-charge. But we need to be careful to not miss opportunities. Summer can be a great time for reflection and refocusing. Summer can be a great time for new starts and directional shifts. Let’s connect and explore the possibility of this summer is as a time of opportunity. Currently I am scheduling June and July meetings (primarily in the Seattle /Bellingham area of anywhere via phone/skype).



Definition of transformation…

when you change something you believed was unchangeable.

Next stop: New Beginnings

May 18-22 I’ll be at New Beginnings training ( in Indianapolis. No organization looks forward to tough times or institutional crises but it is great to know there is help when the unwanted happens. After the training I hope to be better able to help congregations in times of significant need.

rules about rules

from a recent report I prepped for a client:

  • Ensure that all systems (policies, practices, structures, rules, traditions and habits) exist to serve people, as opposed to people serving systems. All systems should flow from and compliment the organizational purpose, mission, visions, values and goals. All systems need to be proactive, purposeful, nimble and easy to understand and apply. Avoid reactive systems that exist to correct a single situation, respond to a difficult person or are no longer organizationally relevant. 

What’s your goal?

Heard Richard Rohr say the following this morning (and a lot of other great stuff): The goal of the rest of your life is not to be correct but to be connected.