The 3 P’s revisited, with better results

Last year I wrote about the 3 P’s and how procrastination drives many of our efforts (Here is a link the 3 P’s). As a way to go forward with better results, I have a new list of 3 P’s. To help move beyond Procrastinate, Panic and Produce I am suggesting Plan, Pace and Produce. Here are a few steps and questions to successfully guide most any project:

  • Plan – What is to be accomplished? What will be the result of this effort?
  • Pace – When does this need to be finished? Who needs to be brought into the process? What resources are necessary? How do I coordinate this with my other commitments and responsibilities? What are possible distractions and obstacles?
  • Produce – Set a timeline (it can be a simple mental process) and implement. Make necessary adjustments along the way (without panicking because you allowed space for the unpredictable). Finish the work and celebrate!

We choose our style and the related life impact (or we choose to be guided by a reactive whatever happens, happens mindset). Hopefully, we are willing to think beyond our habits and defaults. By being proactive, we can avoid the emotional roller coaster, be a better part of our community and get things done!