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Following are comments from Kodi Aubert related to how I have supported her over the years as she has grown into ministry leadership:

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jim for almost 30 years.  As a young mom of two small children, Jim was instrumental in recognizing my skills and gifts beyond being a “mommy” and encouraging me to use them in a ministry capacity within our church.  He provided many opportunities for me to participate in areas that not only felt comfortable to me but also helped me to stretch into other areas of ministry where he could see my potential.  I believe that his encouraging guidance in those early years directly impacted my choice of career today.

Recently, when I needed some wisdom and clarity in a business situation, I again contacted Jim for his expertise in non-profits and church relations.  He remains current in his Christian worldview and is one of the best listeners I know.  I am blessed to call him a friend.

Kodi Aubert, Director Birchwood Preschool, Bellingham WA

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