One of the greatest rewards…

For me one of the greatest rewards is helping others along the way, the way of life, faith, career and more. Following is Fred Hartsook’s story of how I was able to support him over the long haul. Let  me know if you’d like to connect and explore ways I could support you on your journey.

For the last decade, Jim Schmotzer has been many things to me. He has been a spiritual leader, a mentor, a cheerleader, and a friend. Jim’s loyal guidance and support as I worked through a very difficult and confusing decade of young adulthood have proved invaluable.


When I met Jim, I was a freshman in college. I spent the next few years floundering wildly as I took my first steps toward adulthood, and as Jim witnessed my challenges; he entered my life with great care. He would disarm me by approaching me without judgment, and his gifts in perception allowed him to speak deeply in to my life. Jim provided an anchor of support and respect that I desperately needed.


In the years following, Jim continued to faithfully encourage me as I explored various career paths, always making himself available to me to provide personal insight and big-picture commentary. As I transitioned in to a career path of full-time ministry, Jim celebrated my calling with me and shared priceless wisdom from his decades of experience. His affirmation of my pursuit of my current ministry position gave me the confidence I needed to pursue it fully.


I am deeply blessed and grateful to have Jim in my life. While he has had profound influence in my personal life, being exposed to his gifting in organizational health has also informed my work in ministry leadership on every meaningful level. Jim’s thumbprint can be found, in some form, in all the areas in which I’ve been fortunate enough to serve and lead.


I enthusiastically encourage any individual to seek Jim’s guidance through any season of life.


Fred Hartsook, Middle School Director, CTK Bellingham, WA

decision making and direction changing

Karlie WIpperling’s story gives clarity to how I can help you through supportive coaching. Following are her words:


I have known Jim for close to 10 years and am blessed to count him as mentor and good friend.  With any challenge I face in my life, whether personal or professional, Jim listens with genuine interest and true concern. He asks just the question I am avoiding that also happens to be the key to the solution. Jim’s strength is building relationships and tailoring his coaching to each individual he works with. I am forever grateful for his guidance and friendship.


Karlie Wipperling, Clinic Manager, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle, WA


If you are at a place of decision making or direction changing I can help you process and move forward for your best possible future. Now is always the best time for action. Contact me now and we can get moving forward soon.





Leadership Mentoring: real support for real leaders

Following are comments from Kodi Aubert related to how I have supported her over the years as she has grown into ministry leadership:

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jim for almost 30 years.  As a young mom of two small children, Jim was instrumental in recognizing my skills and gifts beyond being a “mommy” and encouraging me to use them in a ministry capacity within our church.  He provided many opportunities for me to participate in areas that not only felt comfortable to me but also helped me to stretch into other areas of ministry where he could see my potential.  I believe that his encouraging guidance in those early years directly impacted my choice of career today.

Recently, when I needed some wisdom and clarity in a business situation, I again contacted Jim for his expertise in non-profits and church relations.  He remains current in his Christian worldview and is one of the best listeners I know.  I am blessed to call him a friend.

Kodi Aubert, Director Birchwood Preschool, Bellingham WA

Helping others grow, serve, live and lead is my passion. Please contact me and we can begin the process of helping you move toward your desired future.