Want something more than a “normal” life? Check this out.

Following are some supportive words that demonstrate how I can help people move beyond “normal” to find their best life:

Having mentored me throughout my 20’s and 30’s Jim challenged me to not settle for “normal”. He encouraged me to think beyond the “supposed to’s” and to realize that success is sometimes found by climbing down the ladder of success. Most often Jim did not only speak to me of these things but rather modeled, challenged, debated and walked through life with me pointing out signposts of people and books illustrating these things.

He also taught me humble-strong leadership caring deeply for the people he leads, taking regular time to encourage and acknowledge their strengthens as well as speaking to their weaknesses and helping them grow in these.

Jim is authentic, knowledgeable (in so many areas), and intuitive. I have seen him concisely and clearly speak into many lives and situations. I am grateful for the years of his influence in my life.

      MJ Richards, Non-profit Administrator, Al Hociema, Morocco, North Africa

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