“Unscripted” the book for the transition from college to the great beyond

Book review

Unscripted: Engaging life After College

By Thomas Brown,

Parson’s Porch Books, 2012

“With so many of the young adults I have worked with it has required them letting go of the one script they had written for themselves…”

In Unscripted: Engaging life After College Tommy Brown gives a gift to those near the end of their college days, those still in transition post-college and those who care for and work with them. Building upon his experience as a campus minister Tommy offers insight that is both compassionate and challenging.

Tommy opens using the idea of life scripts and how culture has shifted, while many are still trying to live by, if not force, the old scripts to keep working. The book provides insight into the intersection of cultural shifts, personal relationships, faith and realities that must be considered in navigating the new waters (Tommy loves the river images) of the transition from student life to the great beyond.

The book is helpful without being overly prescriptive. He didn’t replace the old, often inflexible script with a new trendier version of the same thing. The book, also, presents challenges without being overwhelming.

Having spent much of my last two decades walking alongside many young adults I find Tommy’s words fitting and helpful. I highly recommend this book for students, recent grads, parents, educators and friends of young adults.

And, please feel free to contact me for help navigating your Unscripted life seasons and transitions.

Here’s a link to purchase the book: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/unscripted-thomas-brown/1112136799

And another link to the publisher: http://www.parsonsporch.com/

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