The double bonus

This week I hit a double bonus: dental work and a general physical (“well check” seems to be the more current term). I can’t say I’m looking forward to either visit, but I know they are needed. The visit to the dentist is for action, to fix something, hopefully for the long term. The visit with my doctor is more to keep information up to date in hopes of continued health in the days ahead.

I understand that many procrastinate in both of these situations. Fear, schedule inconvenience, expense and forgetfulness are some common obstacles. Most of us know the risks and still have our habits of response. We know that by caring for ourselves in the present we increase the probability of a healthy future. Put off self-care and increase future problems.

Being proactive with our health care can help improve many aspects of our life directly and all of our life indirectly. In a similar way Coaching and Mentoring can meet many of our life needs in ways that have benefits in the current moment and for our future life and relationships.

Like my trip to the dentist this week, Coaching can help with situations that are in need of repair. Something may be out of balance and need attention. We can meet to review your current situation and map a strategy of response to enable the best ways to address the moment and to move toward a hoped for future.

Taking a cue from my appointment with the doctor there is value in check-ups, finding the baseline and setting goals for the future. Again, we can meet to address this possibility through Coaching and Mentoring. I can help you gain a sense of clarity of purpose and a hoped for future. Based on this work we can set a plan and coordinate resources that will help you move forward from strength.

When it comes to health care or life care we have a choice; we can be proactive and move toward the best or be reactive and take our chances. I’d like to help you make progress toward your best possible life. Let’s connect soon and explore the possibilities.

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