Thanks for the support Marty, oh, & Happy Birthday!

Working with Marty was great fun, becoming friends for the long haul is a true gift. Following are his recent words of support, and yes tomorrow (1.3) is his birthday!

Having known and worked with Jim for 15 years, I can wholeheartedly recommend him to you for organizational leadership consulting, life coaching, or personal mentoring. 

In my experience, working under Jim’s management for a few years was a great time for me to see and learn about strong servant leadership. He values collaboration within the work group and during those years he made every effort to build up the team by allowing each of us to utilize our personal skills, thereby underpinning the organization with the appropriate people in just the right positions (whether we knew it at the time, or not!). While completely attuned to caring for the larger organization we worked for, including making the tough decisions and hard calls, one of Jim’s greatest attributes is his genuine and deep care for the individual. In addition to his friendship, I have also carried with me the excellent living example I picked up from watching and listening to him throughout those years on his staff, applying it to both my professional and personal life.

Marty Lunde, PhD, University of Edinburgh, Edmonds WA

Jim & Marty at a retreat a few years back.

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