Reflecting on 2012

Following are my year-end reflections from catapult magazine:

2011 was a year of drastic change for me. Some family members and friends were also caught in the fall out, some by choice, others by proximity. I tried to gather my thoughts when I wrote “Ten things I didn’t expect in 2011” for catapult a year ago.

Part of the uniqueness of my transition was moving away from “full-time ministry.” For over thirty years, some ministry paid me. Camp, church and campus setting were all part of my career path. Ministries have full, specific calendars. The lines between work and personal are often blurred, at times disappearing. Now I look back on a full year in this new place. All significant dates and events have been passed at least once.

So, here are some of my thoughts after a full year on this side of my most recent life upheaval.

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