If you know Anne…


Knowing Anne Campbell over the years is a joy. She makes any gathering a party and any party a better party. It’s been a privilege to support her in times of transition and decision making.  Following are Anne’s words related to our friendship and working together.


At first I was drawn to Jim because I simply liked him, back in 1999 as a freshman at Western Washington University, young and excited and seeking direction in life. But over the course of years, I have found his willingness to get together and talk about any season of life (particularly transition times, i.e. from college to an internship at the INN, from the internship to moving away to the city, from the city to moving yet again for graduate school, then from being single to being married) absolutely refreshing from the standpoint of his keen insights and intelligent challenges toward excellence.


     Anne Campbell, free-lance writer, Accounting Clerk, Bellingham, WA



A great day with

Anne & Robert Campbell!