Memories, an anniversary, a look forward and some thanks

Some day, in the next week or so, will mark the anniversary of my first trip to Bellingham.

In June of 1973 I drove my ’62 Bug north from my home in Oregon. I got off “5” at Lakeway and headed east to be a camp counselor at Firwood on Lake Whatcom.

In “73 Bellingham was much smaller, gas hit the unbelievable price of thirty-nine nine, we hung out at Herfy’s on weekends, listened to 8 tracks in our cars, the Oakland A’s ruled baseball, the Viet Nam War was nearing an end and Nixon’s presidency was in a free-fall.

Connie and I were married in 1974 and we spent the summers of  ’76, ’77, ’78 and ’79 in Bellingham, finally moving to here full-time in October of ’79. Within a few years we had two sons, Michael and Kyle. I did work stints at the Firs, Birchwood Presbyterian and the INN.  All three were unique, but each provided me with opportunities to build deep relationships and while going forward in life and faith. Connie has been at Bethany Christian Services for almost twenty years.

We became active in schools while the boys were growing up and I was involved in a variety of community activities including prevention of child abuse and caring for those need of community support. We now have four grandkids and enjoy the sense sharing life with our extended family.

Situations and relationships have shifted over the years. It is tough to think of the past forty years and the family members and friends who are no longer with us.

It’s now almost two years since I started Jim Schmotzer and Associates. My hope was to build upon my experiences and relationships in helping individuals and organizations.

Starting a business has been a challenge. It has involved hard work, things I am not skilled at and some things I don’t like doing. But it is worth it. I have been able to work closely with a number of individuals helping them with decisions and direction as they go forward in life. I have worked with organizations helping them to make progress in areas I’m passionate about, including internships, program development, leadership support and organizational transitions.

My goal is to go forward being a support to people and organizations in times of critical decisions and dynamic progress. I’ve been fortunate that many have supported me along the way. Old and new friends have helped make this new adventure a great adventure. Thanks to all who have helped me get this far and look forward to what is ahead.