Update from Dallas

Had a great day exploring faith and student ministry With faculty and staff from SMU and other area schools. Attached is the resource list I distributed.

resources SMU retreat

Oh yeah, things you planned to do on August 15, 2013…

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On my way to Dallas

The end of next week (August 24) I’ll be in Dallas, Texas facilitating a fall Faculty Retreat Sponsored by Southern Methodist University Chaplain’s Office. I’m looking forward to making new connections and helping them begin the school year.

So long, I’m going solo

For ten years or more I have gone on an annual solo camping trip and it’s time for my 2013 time away. It’s not a deep wilderness, survival of the fittest exercise. It’s not a find myself, soul searching escape the world pilgrimage. I will not be leaving all technology behind. I will be tent camping at a state park, that translates into real bathrooms with showers.

I’ll spend my days reading books, listening to Mariners games on the radio, going jogging, cooking simple camp meals and taking a few day trips including ferry rides. The picture below may give some indication of where I’ll be.

I look forward to the trip. Something about the rhythm. I think I have been at the same park each year and usually in the same site. Somehow the simple rhythm is all I need.


don’t miss this book…

I finished Falling Upward by Richard Rohr, it is challenging and insightful. A great book for exploring spirituality as a life journey.  http://www.powells.com/biblio?isbn=0470907754


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Transition to adulthood, unknown territory

One of the great questions in our time is, “When is someone an adult?” The reality is we seem to have no clear rite of passage. Old expectations have quickly lost their power. Those transiting from adolescence to the adult world are entering unknown territory. Cultural shifts, technological advances and financial uncertainties have resulted in a general fog of understanding related to becoming adult.


Some questions to be considered are: How do young adults navigate in a world of unending options, high expectations and confusing messages? How do parents help prepare and support their children in becoming adult? What is the role of extended family and the broader community?


Some of the factors to consider:

  • We seem to lack any clear “rite of passage”
  • Culture is shifting quickly
  • “Extended adolescence” seems to be the new reality
  • The system that parents “became adult” in is likely ineffective to meet the needs of today’s young adults
  • The transition has implications for the entire family


Possible responses for exploration:

  • Gain an understanding – of the uniqueness of the family and its members
  • Post-high school – be intentional about relationships, decision making, support realities (financial and other)
  • Beyond – exploration of (new) expectations


I have experience helping people 1) evaluate unique family histories and dynamics, 2) define a hoped for future, 3) establish a plan for making progress on the journey to adulthood and 4) providing support along the way.

Fundraising 101 & Raising Money

The current issue of catapult magazine is focused on the theme Raising Money. Included in this issue is a piece I wrote entitled Fundraising 101 https://www.catapultmagazine.com/raising-money/article/fundraising-101. Fundraising is tough work and overwhelms many organizational leaders. I’ve been focusing on developing fundraising support systems to help people survive and succeed while maintaining sanity. Please contact me to explore ways in which I can help you meet the challenges of raising needed financial support.

You’re not getting there without some help…

“None of us got where we are solely by pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps. We got here because somebody — a parent, a teacher, an Ivy League crony, or a few nuns — bent down and helped us pick up our boots.” Thurgood Marshall (born on this day in 1908)

Honest and insightful words from the former Supreme Court Justice. At times I thought of my Dad as the proverbial “self-made man.” He made his way through family dysfunction, dropping out of school and numerous other challenges to become a successful business leader. It seemed there were more forces working against him than for him. But there were people who helped, supported, taught and encouraged him. Similarally I have had my share of challenges along the way. But there has always been a person, or a number of people, going before me, alongside me or behind me. The right support makes all the difference.

Do you have the support you need for this stage of your journey? If not let’s connect, I’d like to help.


A week (sort of) off the grid.

This past week was Cousin’s Camp with our three oldest grand kids. We changed it up this year by spending most of the week at Fort Casey State Park. Camping provided a great way to be away and differently focused.

While I could make some show of how noble I am to give up the week for family, I need to admit I was still connected. I got a way for a meeting, answered texts, emails and voice messages. I did limit my communications to the phone and tried to respond by letting people know I’d get back them next week. All this to say that being self-employed pushes the need to be connected. Hopefully I’m setting some reasonable boundaries.

Now I’m back and ready to help you make the most of your life plans, hopes and dreams this summer. Let’s connect!