Thanks Caity!

I have know Catiy Kepler for over a decade. We have worked together in a variety of settings on numerous projects. She is in process of a major education/career shift. Following are Caity’s words of support:

As my mentor, Jim has the inherent ability to ask the exact right questions I have needed to hear in the moment. He has the wisdom to see what should be dealt with immediately and what should be reflected on for longer periods of time. After having a mentoring conversation with Jim, I am always amazed at how he was able to bring clarity and thought to details I hadn’t even realized I needed to think through. Plus he always continues to show genuine encouragement and interest as I’ve taken steps to improve my life and work towards my goals. And somehow knowing Jim is in my corner always makes those steps just a little bit easier to attempt.

 Caity Kepler

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Jim Schmotzer


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