New testimonial from Christine Everson

I had the pleasure of working with Jim in ministry for 5 years, 4 as a student/student leader and 1 as an intern. Jim has great insights into current and historical shifts in culture for both the church and society at large. I am always impressed by his rich understanding of the deeper themes at play. However, what I appreciated most about knowing and working with Jim is that he places great emphasis on relationships. In many of my most trying times Jim has walked alongside me and offered advice and support that was individually tailored to what I needed in that moment. I can specifically recall when Jim helped me make a very important decision about a recent cardiac procedure that I needed to have. He used his knowledge of how I make decisions to help me feel peace in a very difficult situation. I am remarkably grateful who Jim is in my life as both a mentor and a friend.

Christine Everson

Teacher, Eastlake High School


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