Fundraising training testimonial

I recently received the following feedback from Rev. Susan Rose (Campus Minister, United Campus Ministry, Fayetteville, AR) related to my presentation “Raising Funds and Friends for Campus Ministry” at the Presbyterian Church Growth Conference, August 2012.

“I wanted to let you know about an immediate “success story.” I was scheduled to do a presentation asking for help with my program…after I put together my bullet points; I realized I hadn’t asked for money. Even though I’m uncomfortable about asking for money, I thought this was a good way to put my new knowledge to work. I started out by stating our mission, shared what we do with students, showed pictures, then asked for help. I had several ways they could help, the last being donating money or donating gift cards. 

 Individuals who wanted to contribute to the ministry gave me (over) $400 dollars after church. I will be following up with several who indicated they would like to help in other ways, including donating food for events and volunteering with our program. And of course, the people who wrote checks will be the beginning of my new fundraising data bank!”

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