Dana Little speaks to the value of mentoring and life coaching

For over a decade, it’s been a cinch to consider Jim Schmotzer as a mentor as I’ve navigated life, work, and my ongoing pursuit of music and art. Over the years, though my roles have been many (student, intern, receptionist, office manager, musician, songwriter and teacher), Jim has been a constant support and steady encourager through the seasons, changes, goal-setting and decision-making. Specifically, I have had the opportunity to be mentored by Jim as a musician in a band, a solo artist, and in my professional pursuits. In each case, and in every meeting with Jim, I gained new perspective, clear direction, and a hearty dose of hope. He has a way of shedding light on darkness, and a knack for making sense out of confusion. Without a doubt, his wisdom, coaching and patient way of encouraging movement forward has been a game-changer for me.

 Dana Little, Musician & Teacher, Seattle WA

To learn more about Dana and her music check out: http://www.danalittlemusic.com/

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