A return to Birchwood Presbyterian Church

This Sunday (2.19.12) I will be speaking (preaching) at Birchwood Presbyterian http://www.bpchurch.org/in Bellingham. Speaking at Birchwood is no small thing for me. Birchwood became a church home for Connie and me in the early 80’s. We raised our sons there. I served on staff from 1985 to 1997. In many ways we grew up and built our family in the context of Birchwood Presbyterian. Our days were at the old site (the new site is now almost fifteen years down the road).

I am very thankful for those who walked alongside us those years. Each time I go back I enjoy the renewed connections. There is always a bit of sadness when I realize those who have passed away. So many who were a generation or two older than me were gracious and kind as I stumbled my way through ministry, life and faith. There were great times and hard times. Family brings both and Birchwood was family for us in many ways.

It will be an honor and joy to share Sunday morning with the Birchwood family.

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