New testimonial from Cheryl Goodwin

I’ve known Jim since 2002, when my oldest daughter became involved with the INN Ministries (where Jim served as Director).  I was able to see the results of his leadership in the lives of both my daughters and a number of other young men and women from our church and at Western Washington University.  Jim is a gifted and caring mentor.  His ability to allow, and even encourage, students to grapple with difficult questions of faith, theology, and praxis with grace and integrity helped them to mature into adults who continue to think deeply, passionately, and empathetically.

In the past few years several of Jim’s students have enrolled at The Seattle School.  I can say without reservation that we are always excited to have these students join our school. They are passionate and purposeful, committed to academic excellence and maturity, and dedicated to serving God and others. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Jim again at some point in the near future.

      Cheryl Goodwin, Director of Institutional Assessment & Library Services, The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, Seattle, WA

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