Don’t let the 3 P’s ruin your summer

Procrastinate, Panic and Produce. It’s an endless cycle that many can’t shake. Our lives overload with commitments, pressures, responsibilities and relationships. The constant weight of needing to “do it all” or “keep up” overwhelms us. One choice to procrastinate builds upon the next until it seems impossible to do anything other than eventually panic and produce. Once this cycle begins it is difficult to break. This out of control lifestyle can be a subtle nagging or unending, overwhelming pressure and sense of failure.

The problem can be personal, organizational or a combination. Summer time and this week specifically (as I write this it’s the week of July 4th) can heighten the stress. It is easy to let the summer slip by, and pressure build while waiting for the fall schedules and related deadlines to collide.

How about another perspective? Summer can be a great time to catch-up and possibly get ahead. Take advantage of the change of pace to move forward in ways that help life become less frustrating and more fulfilling.

My goal is to help individuals and organizations make strategic decisions, build productive habits and move forward effectively. I can help you evaluate your current setting, plan for and begin a new era of life and work. My primary services are Life Coaching, Leadership Mentoring or Organizational Consulting

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